Welcome to My Hippie Kitchen, where edible ideas and flower-powered food come to life!

My Hippie Kitchen is a web series featuring creative food made by Anna Allbury in her tiny Melbourne kitchen.  From "No-Yolk" eggs made with coconut yoghurt and apricot on granola toast, to an edible terrarium - this is the place for a little inspiration!  If you want to create a unique experience with your food but you're not a chef, perfect!  Neither is Anna.  We're all fully qualified to play with our food!

All 7 episodes of My Hippie Kitchen are online and available to view now, plus your can download your own recipe sheets from the online recipe book on this site.  Each episode is inspired by Anna's home, Melbourne city - and features clothes from local designers, and locally sourced edible flowers and ingredients wherever possible.   

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Have you ever wanted to eat a terrarium? Make that dream a reality by watching this week's episode!

Get your hands on the online recipe here.

Thank goodness for Petite IngredientPeony Crownsand Swoon Lifestyle! Without their involvement this week, there'd be no edible flowers, accessories, or clothes!